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Rohingya Humanitarian Emergency

Help is desperately needed for children and their families affected by the Rohingya humanitarian emergency. Donate today to support our aid programs.

With the violence in Myanmar escalating, many terrified Rohingya families have, and continue to flee to Bangladesh for safety. Cox’s Bazar camp in Bangladesh is now incredibly crowded and conditions are extremely poor with fluctuating weather worsening conditions. Below, find out how we are helping those affected by the Rohingya humanitarian emergency and how you can help the Rohingya.

Save the Children has been helping the world’s most vulnerable child and their families for over 100 years. Now a global organisation, we help millions of children in need across 117 countries, dedicated to championing the rights of all children. We have measures in place that ensure our ongoing accountability as a charity that supports children around the world with 79% of donations going directly towards program expenditure. Here is how we are supporting those affected by the Rohingya emergency.

About The Rohingya Emergency

The Rohingya are a stateless Muslim minority in Myanmar. The extreme violence the Rohingya are experiencing in Myanmar has been ongoing with hundreds of thousands having already fled prior to the escalation in violence in 2017. In an already crowded space, the number of people fleeing recent violence has tripled in a short space of time.

With stories of horrifying violence, many families, already traumatised, travel exhaustingly long distances by foot to get to the Cox’s Bazar camp. Many arrive with absolutely nothing with a high number of children arriving alone having been separated from their families amongst the chaos. Accounts from refugees describe the horrifying events that countless people, including innocent children, have been subjected to.

How Can We Help The Rohingya?

Currently, one of the fastest-growing humanitarian emergencies in the world, we have teams on the ground in the Cox’s Bazar camp (that have been there since 2012) providing vital life-saving essentials & services.
Our teams are working hard to provide desperately needed aid including:
  • Food and clean water
  • Emergency clinics providing life-saving healthcare
  • Shelter and hygiene kits
  • Spaces where children can play, recover and continue learning
  • 24-hour protection for children who have been separated from their families and help to reunite those families

Donate To Support Our Rohingya Humanitarian Emergency Relief

Donations enable us to continue to support the significantly increasing number of those affected by the Rohingya emergency. To support our aid efforts, make a single donation today or become a monthly giver. To help save the lives of children and their families affected by the Rohingya humanitarian emergency.

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