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Substance Abuse Prevention Programs for Youth

Help support youth substance abuse programs so all young people have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Make a donation today.

Substance abuse prevention programs for young people are designed to meet the specific needs of youth affected by substance abuse. By providing effective support we can help these young people have the opportunity to meet their fullest potential and are on track to become safe, happy & healthy adults. Below is information on how we provide support for young people across Australia through substance abuse prevention programs for youth. 

Save The Children has been helping children and their families since 1919. Over this time we have grown to become a global movement helping millions of children in 117 countries. We are dedicated to ensuring every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. Here is how we help young people affected by substance abuse through community-based substance abuse prevention programs

Community-Based Substance Abuse Prevention Programs

We know that working collaboratively enables us to provide more effective and targeted substance abuse prevention programs for youth. Throughout Australia we work in partnership with the following to deliver community-based substance abuse prevention programs: 

  • Agencies and service providers 
  • Government
  • Other NGOs
  • Community and advocacy groups
  • Corporate partners 
  • Individual donors

Working across a network of services and support strengthens our ability to meet the needs of youth affected by substance abuse, helps us to increase awareness. It also enables us to provide effective education in our communities so they are strong, connected and safe for our young people.

Collectively we work towards long-term positive change through our substance abuse education programs. This collective impact approach also enables us to measure improvements through a behavioural change in our society.

Make A Donation Today To Support Substance Abuse Prevention Programs

To support the work we are doing with young people through our substance abuse prevention programs for youth make a donation today. 

You can make a once-off donation or become a monthly giver with 79% of donations going directly towards program expenditure.

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