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Tax deductible donations

Learn about tax deductible donations, how to claim it and other deductible gifts. Read our guides and make a contribution to our programs today.

One of the most effective tax deductible donations you can make is one that helps Save the Children. We go to the toughest places to save children from earthquakes, cyclones, conflict and disease. Where children are being exploited, neglected or abused, we protect them from harm. Below is information on how to claim a donations tax deduction and the benefits of donating, in addition to receiving a donation deduction.

We are one of 28 members of Save the Children International, a child-focused, independent and secular, development organisation, working in more than 117 countries. We have been helping children for nearly 100 years and over 70% of all donations go towards program expenditure. We also have policies in place that ensure our ongoing accountability. Here is some useful information regarding donations and taxes:

Why Take Advantage Of Charitable Deductions?

Through donations, along with receiving a charitable deduction and reducing your tax, your support goes towards struggling children who can be given an education, a healthy start in life and the chance to go further than they ever dreamed possible. Here are just some of the stories about how your donation can make a positive difference. We also provide emergency response support around the globe and run programs in partnership with local communities to create change for children and families and their communities.

How To Claim A Donation Deduction

With donations and tax deductions, a donation of $2 or more must be made. Charitable deductions in Australia can only be made if the donation is made to an organisation with DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status. Save the Children has DGR status so you will be able to receive the donation deduction.
To claim a donations tax deduction:

  • You must have a record of your donation, such as a receipt. We send out tax receipts for donations at the end of each financial year

  • When filling out your tax return, you record your charity tax deduction under Section D9 (Gifts and Donations).

Make sure we have your most up to date details on file to ensure you receive your receipt so you can claim your charitable deduction. If you need a copy of your donations tax receipt, we can also send a copy out to you.

Gifts And Donations Tax

If you are wanting to give a tax deductible gift, it is important to note that when it comes to gifts and donations tax, you need to voluntarily transfer your gift or property without receiving, or expecting to receive, any material benefit or advantage in return. Receiving a material benefit in return would classify your gift as a contribution. Extra conditions apply for contributions.

Make A Donation Today So You Can Claim The Donations Tax Deduction

To take advantage of the donation deduction make a single donation today or you can make a monthly donation. To take advantage of gifts and donations tax deduction, read information on making a bequest. Or read our Gifts & Will Guide for making a tax deductible gift.

You can help save the life of a hungry child

Leolida used to say words of fear when talking about his 18-month-old brother. He was right to be afraid for Lawrence. His brother was severely malnourished, had diarrhoea and a fever and was half the weight of a healthy baby his age.

“He has been sick. He cries so much. I would do anything to help him.”

But thanks to a tax deductible donation our community health volunteer, Mark, was able to bring medicine and nutrient-enriched peanut paste to help Lawrence recover.

Now Leolida’s words have changed into words of hope …
I want to become a doctor so that I can help other young children like my younger brother Lawrence.

Leolida, 12

Your tax deductible donation, helps train community health volunteers like Mark to bring much-needed health care to remote villages – so families don’t have to travel the long distance to the nearest health facility.

What I like most about being a community health volunteer is that I am able to diagnose severe malnutrition and successfully treat it, and to advise expectant mothers and see them deliver safely.

Mark, community health volunteer

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