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2021 Annual Report 

Supporting children in Australia, across the Pacific and around the world. 

Who we are 

Save the Children Australia is part of the world’s leading independent children’s organisation. Through our advocacy, programs, and initiatives, we fight for child rights, on these First Nations lands now called Australia, and around the world. Save the Children Australia is a dynamic and diverse portfolio of entities using different business models united by a common purpose: to achieve systemic change by creating smart solutions to the critical problems that children face, so they are empowered to live a full life and reach their potential. 

Chair & CEO Report: Creativity, efficiency & innovation

For decades, despite the challenges, each year we have been able to say that the world is becoming a better place for children. 

In 2021, due to the combined effects of COVID, conflict and climate change, we have seen key measures of child wellbeing go backwards. This represents a clear call to action for organisations like Save the Children: we must double down on our efforts to find ways to dramatically increase our impact on children’s health, education and protection. 

The good news is that new technologies, like edtech and e-health, combined with increasing broadband penetration and low-cost smart phones offer the potential to dramatically increase our reach. It's why, in 2021, we continued to invest in social enterprises, research, advocacy and innovative funding models that revolutionise the way we achieve our health, education and protection goals for children. 

Thanks for your ongoing support – we couldn’t do it without you. 

Mat Tinkler, CEO and Larry Kamener, Chair

Reach: Our impact by numbers

We strive to give a powerful voice to children and champion their rights here in Australia and around the world. As part of keeping ourselves accountable to our supporters and to the communities we serve, we monitor and evaluate the reach, impact and efficiency of our programs and services. In 2021 Save the Children directly reached 1,326,093 people across all Australian Services and International Programs. 

Where we worked in Australia 

Click on the map to see the reach of our services around Australia. 


Western Australia

Number of sites: 15

Reach: 1,624


South Australia

Number of sites: 21

Reach: 692


Northern Territory

Number of sites: 34

Reach: 1,582



Number of sites: 137

Reach: 11,326


New South Wales

Number of sites: 103

Reach: 4,083



Number of sites: 60

Reach: 1,569



Number of sites: 160

Reach: 3,315

Where we worked internationally

Click on the map to see the reach of our services around the world. 


South America

No. Countries: 1

No. Project: 1

Reach: 217


Middle East

No. Countries: 2

No. Project: 3

Reach: 29,653



No. Countries: 1

No. Project: 1

Reach: 22,598


South East & East Asia

No. Countries: 7

No. Project: 17

Reach: 290,141


South & Central Asia

No. Countries: 3

No. Project: 6

Reach: 108,811



No. Countries: 5

No. Project: 35

Reach: 854,479

What we achieved in 2021

Take a look at where and how we worked and what we achieved with children in 2021.

Australian Services: Services and programs directly provided and managed within Australia to support children, young people and families.


We rely on the local partnerships, expertise and champions to deliver results for children across the Pacific and around the world.

Find out more

Ventures managed by, or in partnership with Save the Children Australia or our social enterprises that are pioneering research, strategies and program delivery across a diverse range of fields.

Discover more


Policy & Advocacy: Coordinated efforts through public and private channels to hold governments to account for violations of child rights and advocate for child rights policy and legislative changes.


We employ a range of approaches to monitor, evaluate and influence the efficacy and efficiency of our work in order to keep ourselves accountable to our supporters, our beneficiaries and the wider public.

Learn how

Our financial profile for 2021 showing where our money came from and where it was spent.


Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood