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Child-centred Disaster Risk Reduction

The Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2022

Save the Children is a civil society organisation (CSO) with a wide Asia-Pacific footprint and a 100-year history of working to protect children and advance children’s rights all around the world. 

Children are especially vulnerable to the impacts of climate change

In light of the escalating risks for children due to climate and weather induced disasters, Save the Children, together with other civil society organisations across the region, are advocating for child-centred Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) policy and communications. 

Children – both girls and boys – recognise themselves as most vulnerable to disasters and are capable of identifying, discussing, and communicating risk.  Many have become vocal and committed advocates for climate action, through actions such as protests, youth organisations, and strategic climate litigation. Children stand to benefit from anticipatory action and early warning approaches, especially as they navigate a region that is also scarred by the health and economic impacts of the pandemic, rising debt and hunger, and interrupted educations. 

Three critical actions

Three critical actions

In our capacity of working to protect children and advance children’s rights all around the world, we call on governments participating in the APMCDRR conference to take three critical actions. 
Our work across Asia Pacific region

Our work across Asia Pacific region

Discover what Save the Children is doing to support and protect the rights of children, to amplify their voices and to promote programs that aid Disaster Risk Reduction from Nepal to New Zealand.

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