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Your Questions Answered

What essential information do I need for making my Will? 

You will need our registered name: Save the Children Australia, and our ABN: 99 008 610 035.
We also suggest the following wording: 

I give to Save the Children Australia (ABN 99 008 610 035) of 33 Lincoln Square South, Carlton, Victoria, a gift of (insert here your choice of either a specific gift amount or a percentage of your residuary estate) for its general purposes. 

How will my gift be used? 

Every gift, no matter how big or small, will make a difference. Save the Children will use your gift where it’s needed most at the time, so it can have the greatest impact for children. We promise to use your gift carefully and cost effectively to make sure children are safe, healthy and on track for a positive future, whether they are here in Australia or somewhere further afield. Whatever the future holds, you can be assured that your gift will help the greatest number and most in need to make it better for children. 

One in six dollars gifted by Australian supporters over the past 3 years was through a gift in a Will. With our 100+ years of experience working with children in some of the most dangerous and remote places, we know how to be effective and meet challenges by innovating and adapting to ensure that these powerful legacies have maximum impact for at risk children. 

Should I let Save the Children know I’ve included a gift in my Will?  

It’s completely your choice. However, by sharing your intentions we can make sure we only contact you with information that is helpful and relevant to your circumstances and preferences. Our CEO Mat would also appreciate the opportunity to thank you.

What is required when distributing a gift left to Save the Children?

We would be grateful if executors or legal representatives can assist us in the following ways: 

  1. Notify us of the gift as soon as possible so that we can amend our records to ensure that no further communications are sent out in the name of the supporter. 
  2. Kindly forward a copy of the Will and probate and let us know of any further information that you require from Save the Children to administer the gift.
  3. If possible, please let us know something about the life and motivation behind the gift. We would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to thank remaining family and loved ones. 

Please forward all details or any queries about estate administration to our Gifts in Wills Manager, Martin Williams: or phone on 03 7002 1743.


If you would like more information, you can download our short guide. Or for an obligation-free chat about supporting Save the Children though your Will, you can reach Martin, our Gifts in Wills Manager directly on (03) 7002 1743  or email

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