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Building A Better Future

Give power to the children of tomorrow

Can you imagine what the future would look like if every child like Ayen was given the education, the resources, and the support they need to make their aspirations come true?

Ayen’s remote community in South Sudan has been gripped by tragedy: a succession of floods have destroyed crops and swept away Ayen’s family home. Families have been left with nothing.

Fortunately for thousands of children in communities like Ayen’s, Save the Children is providing child friendly spaces where they can play, learn and just be children again. 

Ayen and her friends attend an adolescents’ group where they learn about child marriage, are encouraged to continue their education and can access psychological support if they need it. 

The challenges Ayen has faced have not deterred her, nor inhibited her ambition - she dreams of being a doctor. 

But for now, she is committed to finishing her studies, taking care of her baby sister Nyajuba and leading her volleyball team to victory

By including Save the Children in your Will, you can send real, practical support to the children of tomorrow. Children who – like Ayen today – will be determined to make life better. Not just for themselves. But for their family, their friends, their community and their world.

Eleven-year-old Bilal has witnessed firsthand how war can destroy young lives in Syria. He has a wisdom and tenderness beyond his years and is always looking out for his little brother Faisal. 

The boys live in Jordan in a camp for refugees and while Faisal was born there, Bilal still remembers the home he fled in Syria. Now he is doing everything he can to make sure his little brother, Faisal, has a childhood worth remembering. 

The boys build forts, play with toys and run races. “I let Faisal win, because when he’s happy I am happy as well,” Bilal says. They play with their favourite teddy, too – a bear that Bilal loves because it travelled from Syria with him.

It’s undeniable that the children of tomorrow will inherit some major challenges: that despite remarkable progress, millions still live in poverty; the climate crisis is being felt worldwide; and in coming years growing numbers of displaced people and unresolved conflicts will intensify the burden on communities already struggling to cope. 

By including Save the Children in your Will, you really can give the children of tomorrow the resources they will need to build a better future. Whether you are creating a new Will or updating an existing one, including Save the Children is straightforward. And no matter what size, its impact will enormous. Because no-one could possibly make better use of it, than the children of tomorrow. 


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