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Celebrate a special occasion with a gift that can save lives

A gift in celebration is a wonderful way to support children around the world.

How it works

You can either make a gift in celebration of a loved one or ask your friends or family to make a gift in celebration of you!

Giving a gift in celebration

By making a donation to Save the Children on behalf of your family and friends you are giving a gift in celebration. When you give a Gift in Celebration, you give children around the world a chance at a better, brighter future.

Once you’ve bought the gift, you’ll be directed to a thank you page where you can download an eCard to either print or email to your friend or relative to let them know about the gift. 

Or you can provide us with the recipient’s full address details and we will send them a card in the mail, letting them know you’ve made a donation to help children  on their behalf.

Asking for a gift in celebration

If you're celebrating a birthday, wedding or anniversary, consider asking for a celebration gift. It just means asking your guests to make a donation to Save the Children Australia instead of buying a gift for you.

It’s easy to set up a personalised online donation page that can include photos and information about your special event. The link can then be emailed to your friends and family. Your loved ones can leave you messages of support and congratulations on the page along with their donation to Save the Children Australia.

How you can make a difference

A gift in celebration of a special occasion is a wonderful way to make a difference to the lives of children in Australia and all around the world. Through education, shelter, water, food and security, you can help save children's lives. Give a gift in celebration.

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood