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Make a lasting impact

Individuals, families, trusts, foundations and private ancillary funds partner with Save the Children to deliver innovative programs and services to make a positive and lasting impact in the lives of children in Australia and overseas.

Your philanthropy can give children the foundations they need to have a life all children have the right to expect: a life where opportunities replace barriers and where self-determination unlocks possibilities.

Philanthropy in action

In Australia, your investment can be directed to children and their communities in over 200 sites – in cities, regional centres and towns, and remote communities. We work with children and young people with emerging and complex needs, in places where the system is failing, to keep them on track in their growth and development. We target our efforts to keep children connected and engaged in learning, whether they are at school, in transition, or experiencing crisis. We support families to create and sustain a positive home environment.

Overseas, our programs and innovative approach bring change to the lives of children in Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. As a global organisation, we work in 124 countries around the world to give children the chance they deserve: access to an education, a healthy start in life, and a safe place to grow up, protected from harm and abuse. When crises strike and children are most vulnerable, we rapidly respond to save lives. We give a better chance in life to millions of children every year.

Through effective collaborations, a multi-sector approach and evidence-based programs, Save the Children is committed to provide the best outcomes for children and their communities.

The right investment for you

Whether you would like to make a personal contribution, bring your family together to change the lives of other families in Australia or overseas, or create your legacy and make a bequest to shape a child’s future, the Philanthropy team at Save the Children can guide you to direct your investment where it will have the best impact and meaning for you, and for the children and communities you want to support.

You can choose to invest in a specific project, or you can provide flexible funding that helps us build our capacity as an organisation so we help even more children.

Measuring your impact for children

Our philanthropic partners are vital to helping us deliver lasting results for children and help them transform their lives – and the future we all share.

To ensure your contribution works as effectively as possible and we are assisting children in the best possible way, our programs are continually monitored and evaluated to measure their impact and effectiveness. As a philanthropic partner, you will have access to detailed project proposals and budgets, and – as the project progresses – program updates, financial reports and evaluations. This means you will have the insurance that your investment will deliver long-lasting results for children.

In some cases, project visits may also be possible for you to see firsthand the impact of your investment on the ground.

Become a philanthropic partner

If you want to help to create better lives for children and discuss how you can make a lasting impact in their lives, contact our Philanthropy team on 1800 76 00 11 or email

Save the Children is a Public Benevolent Institution and is endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as an Item 1 DGR and a Tax Concession Charity.

Our ABN for our work in Australia is 79 685 451 696, and 99 008 610 035 for our work overseas.

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