Donate direct from your salary and save more children

Children playing happily learning at school thanks to regular donations

Workplace Giving is one of the most cost effective ways to donate to Save the Children and helps us reach more children in need.

Thanks to our wonderful Workplace Givers, we're able to create better lives for children in Australia and overseas.

What is Workplace Giving?

Workplace Giving is when you make regular donations to Save the Children through your payroll system. Giving is easy - donations are made automatically from your pre-tax pay - which means you instantly receive a tax deduction. You can also donate any amount that suits you.

Benefits of Workplace Giving

There are three great reasons why you should join our Workplace Giving program:

  • Donations go straight from your pay into Save the Children's bank account which drastically reduces our administrative costs. This ensures a greater percentage of your donation makes its way to children.
  • Employees can make individual donations as part of a wider team. With fellow employees regularly donating small amounts, together you are making a big difference.
  • Many organisations agree to match their employee's donations, which doubles the impact you make.

Read our Workplace Giving brochure to find out some of the other benefits of joining our Workplace Giving program.

"As a Workplace Giver, you'll be giving children the chance to learn, protecting them from harm, and helping them stay healthy. And when disaster strikes, you'll be helping to save children's lives."

Paul Ronalds, CEO of Save the Children Australia.

Become a Workplace Giver

To begin donating to Save the Children through your company's existing Workplace Giving program please fill out our online registration form. If you would like more information or would like to find out how to set up a Workplace Giving program where you work, please contact us on 1800 760 011, or email us 

Corporate Partners

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