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Muddy Puddle Walk

This August fundraise for Save the Children Australia while having lots of muddy fun.

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This August, join thousands of people around Australia and organise your own Muddy Puddle Walk with your friends and family or early childhood education centre to raise money for Save the Children Australia. 

How your fundraising will help

Every child deserves a healthy start to life, an education and the chance at a better future. But millions of children around the world are missing out through no fault of their own.

By taking part in the Muddy Puddle Walk you can help children caught up in the horrors of war and conflict, get an education. Because even when conflict has turned their lives upside down, kids deserve to keep on learning. Education can be a powerful catalyst for change. It brings hope and a sense of normalcy, even in the most unusual circumstances.

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Image: Rob McKechnie/Save the Children

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