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Peppa Pig Practices Mindfulness

Keep calm, and sign up for Peppa’s Mindfulness Month.

Help your child find calm, and support other children around the world.

With COVID-19 and lockdowns, life can be a tad confusing and anxiety provoking at the moment … especially for kids. It has never been more important to look after their well-being.
This October, we’re encouraging your little ones to join Peppa Pig and do a mindfulness activity everyday – while helping raise much needed funds for other kids going through tough times.
You can do simple activities with your child, like taking a moment for a few deep breaths, saying thank you or doing something kind for a loved one – and help them build resilience and well-being through mindfulness.
Simply sign up and create your online fundraising page and we’ll send you lots of Peppa-themed mindfulness resources during the month. We’ll also send you a fundraising pack with tips and advice to help along the way. 

Show your child that doing good feels good

Once you’ve signed up and created your online fundraising page, you can share the link with family and friends and ask them to sponsor your little one. Have a go, and get your child to start raising money – it’s a great way to teach them to have empathy for others.
We’re here to help you with your fundraising activity – if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch via
By raising some funds and even donating some of their own pocket money, your child can help make a difference for other children.
They can learn about other children like 12-year-old Najma* who attends Save the Children’s Healing and Education Through the Arts (HEART) program in a camp for Syrian refugees.

Najma lives with her family in a refugee camp in northern Iraq after fleeing from the Syrian conflict. She told us she was feeling afraid because of what she saw in Syria, with bombardments and airplanes flying above their house. By attending HEART, where she draws and makes artwork, she’s happier.
“I felt brave and happy today during the activity, and while presenting what I’d made to the class,” she says.

Show your child the difference they can make today – and how to be a mindfulness champion with Peppa, while supporting other children like Najma to be healthy, safe and educated

Learn about other ways your support makes a difference for children experiencing traumatic events.

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of Najma.

Learn more with our FAQ's and Terms and Conditions.

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Image: Claire Thomas/Save the Children.

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