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Creating positive change in education through data

Relevant insights from data help teachers identify and assist students in need.

Intellischool’s mission is to help learners, educators, and the wider education community to improve through the use of data

Intellischool wants schools to be able to shift from managing data, to being able to benefit from it. Intellischool automatically connects and harvests data from the EdTech services that schools use and provides an aggregate view, saving time and creating insights that can be used to personalise support for students in need and assist students to realise their potential.

The focus is on three key areas: the wellbeing of students and educators, the learning environment, and the business of operating a school. Intellischool ultimately aims to assist teachers, wellbeing coordinators and parents to identify at-risk students before they fail and to assist students in self-diagnosis, at a much faster rate.

Why did we invest? 

Intellischool’s mission alignment with Save the Children is high. The Company is especially focused on identifying at-risk students so that schools can intervene quickly to support their wellbeing and help keep their education on track. This is aligned with one of Save the Children’s three ‘breakthrough’ goals that ‘All children benefit from a quality, basic education’.

Find out more about Intellischool here.

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