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Improving health through technology

THINKMD uses technology to help frontline health workers deliver better outcomes

Increasing capacity of health workers in areas with limited resources

THINKMD’s mission is to make scientifically validated clinical intelligence technology universally accessible, so that anyone, anywhere can make better health decisions.

THINKMD works to increase the capacity and quality of frontline health workers in countries with limited health resources. The technology guides anyone at ‘point-of-care’ (community health workers, pharmacists, nurses) through a complete assessment of a child’s health, using THINKMD’s technology on a tablet or smartphone. The point-of-care clinical assessment, triage, treatment, and recommendation platform aims to ‘think’ like a doctor. It incorporates World Health Organisation (WHO) protocols and guidelines as well as additional evidenced-based medicine using pattern recognition logic to generate an integrated clinical risk assessment.

THINKMD allows people and healthcare delivery orgs to make accurate clinical decisions, improve health outcomes, decrease morbidity and ultimately save lives. It also enhances healthcare seeking behavior, reduces cost, and enables data-driven population-based health solutions. 

Why did we invest?

  • As one of THINKMD’s first partners, we have unique insight into the way the technology is used. Save the Children is proud to be working with THINKMD on programs in Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Kenya.
  • Strong mission alignment. Like Save the Children, THINKMD is working on a future where no child under five dies of preventable causes.
Find out more about THINKMD here

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