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New and old ways of learning

This new college is drawing on timeless knowledge to deliver equitable, culturally informed, child-centred education.

Integrating Aboriginal knowledge and the Arts into schooling

Ngutu College is a new independent school in Port Adelaide. The school is aiming to integrate Aboriginal knowledge and the Arts into a curriculum that is fully compliant with Australian curriculum requirements. The curriculum has been developed in collaboration with Aboriginal Elders and specialist artists and the operation of the school will be guided by a Cultural Governance Group. They are starting with Reception to Year 7 in 2021, before adding pre-school and Year 8 in 2022 and growing progressively to Year 12.
The team behind Ngutu College have experience in providing an alternative educational model accessible to students from traditionally disadvantaged backgrounds. Their vision is to provide equitable, culturally informed, and child-centred education. The student mix will include (but is not exclusive to) students identifying as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

Why did we invest?

Strong alignment of goals. Ngutu College and Save the Children’s goals are aligned in their desire to support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children to gain an equitable education. We are proud to be part of the growth of Ngutu College, and to see how students learn through this alternative model

Potential for replication. Our shared objective is that Ngutu College can prove the long term success of its approach in the hope it can be replicated in other communities in Australia, and potentially globally.

Find out more about Ngutu College here

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