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Providing timely alerts to protect children

Every day across Australia, someone has their WWCC card revoked.

Oho’s mission is to protect children from being abused by “trusted individuals” within “too trusting organisations”

Oho, is derived from the Dutch name for the Eurasian Eagle Owl. A strong animal with a kind demeanour and quiet presence, that never stops watching, and strikes with devastating speed when required.

Oho saw an opportunity to empower organisations by strengthening child safety and risk management practices. Oho developed a technology tool to screen employees and volunteers weekly, so organisations can continually revalidate essential accreditations and permits. Importantly, organisations receive timely alerts if an individual has their accreditation or permit revoked. 

Why did we invest? 

The mission alignment with Oho was strong and clear. Save the Children is committed to protecting children. It is an important part of our work to give children a life free from violence and abuse. All over the world, we have programs dedicated to keeping children safe.  For more than 30 years a Save the Children social enterprise, Child Wise, has been working with organisations to ensure the safety of children and young people in organisations where they spend time.  

We are aware of the difficulty that some organisations have in monitoring accreditations through multiple state registries and manual processes. We are pleased to have invested in Oho and will continue to support Oho to scale, so that more children can be protected. 

Find out more about Oho here.

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