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Putting donors first

Dataro helps predict donor behaviour
to make fundraising more efficient  

Helping Not-for-Profits raise more money, faster, at less cost

Dataro helps Not-for-Profit organisations (NFPs) put their donors first. It is a data science company using machine learning to improve fundraising outcomes. The software is sold as an annual subscription to NFPs to predict the behaviour of every donor, so NFPs know exactly who to contact, and when. This empowers NFPs to raise more money, faster, and at less cost, ultimately directing more money to their cause.
As an impact investor, Save the Children Australia is focused on driving solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems. Not-for-profits are at the forefront of this innovation but are often hindered by lack of funding. Dataro can help more charities utilise AI learning to achieve the impact they seek. 

Why did we invest?

  • Building the capacity of the NFP sector is a critical part of our impact investing strategy.
  • The results speak for themselves. Since launching in 2019, the NFPs using Dataro have achieved impressive ROIs from their investment.
  • Save the Children is in a unique position to understand Dataro’s market from a customer perspective. For Save the Children, the more efficiently we can raise money, the more children we can reach across Australia and around the world. Through Save the Children’s work with the NFP sector we can potentially help connect Dataro to its market and find new growth opportunities.

Find out more about Dataro here

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