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Quality learning for all children

Inquisitive aims to democratise access to high quality learning globally.

Giving all teachers better access to high quality lessons

Inquisitive is an education company with a mission to improve teachers’ access to quality lessons, so that teachers can enjoy teaching and students can learn with purpose and depth. It is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business that sells directly to teachers/schools.

Inquisitive was created to ‘declutter the curriculum’ for teachers, save 300 hours in lesson preparation and programming, surface the highest quality lessons and assessments for teachers, and prioritise critical and creative thinking.  So far, Inquisitive has been adopted by over 29,000 teachers in 4,300 schools (more than 60% of Australian primary schools).
Teachers have some of the greatest impacts on student learning outcomes, so by empowering teachers, Inquisitive is aiming to democratise access to high quality learning globally.

Why did we invest?

  • Strong mission alignment. Inquisitive is working to democratise education and make sure every child is given access to high quality learning. They have massively ambitious goals that align with Save the Children’s vision that every child gets access to a quality basic education.
  • Experienced founding team. Tim Power was one of the co-founders of 3P Learning with products like Mathletics and Reading Eggs, and along with his co-founder Sarah Rich, they understand the education market deeply.
  • Potential for growth. Inquisitive has become very popular in Australia in just 3 years, but it’s not as well known in schools in rural or remote areas or schools with a high proportion of indigenous students yet. Inquisitive is also aiming to grow internationally, including in low- and middle-income countries. We are excited about using our networks and global platform to help them grow.

Find out more about Inquisitive here.

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