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Supporting learning in schools in Africa

Promoting equitable access to education through effective teaching and improvement in engagement. 

Zeraki’s mission is to develop a suite of services to cost-effectively address every pain point of the school experience in Africa

Zeraki’s customers are predominantly located in rural and regional areas in Kenya. Save the Children will assist Zeraki to reach more primary schools in Kenya, as well as expanding in Uganda, Guinea, Rwanda and Ethiopia. 

The core time-saving product offered is Zeraki Analytics, a mobile-first school management system that reduces the pain school administrators face in handling daily administration tasks. 4,000+ schools in Kenya already use Zeraki Analytics to manage the academic data for their students, to communicate with their parents, and to access intuitive analytical dashboards to support decision-making. Other products offered by Zeraki to enhance teacher capacity and promote learning include Zeraki Finance, Zeraki Learning, Zeraki Marketplace and Zeraki Timetables. 

The founders of Zeraki met through Equity Bank and share a passion for driving better education outcomes through data analytics. They demonstrate a strategic approach to creating and adapting Zeraki’s products to ensure they address the education experience of their customers. They deeply understand the local context and potential for technological adaptation along with a shift in education culture to reduce the education access gap.

Why did we invest? 

  • Save the Children and Zeraki are both committed to providing equitable access to education. 
  • There is a scarcity of fit-for-purpose, low cost, ed-tech solutions for schooling in Kenyan and Sub-Saharan African schools. 
  • Reducing repetitive and manual tasks for teachers is one of the most cost-effective interventions in reducing inequality of access to education. Zeraki’s technologies alleviate the pain points schools and parents face: increasing community engagement, reducing time teachers spend on manual tasks, and increasing revenues for schools.
  • A 60 Decibels report confirmed that after using Zeraki products, 96% of teachers said they save time on admin tasks, 98% reported increased parent engagement, and 43% have changed teaching practices. 

Find out more about Zeraki here.

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