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Workplace giving

Making regular donations to Save the Children through your payroll system is one of the most cost-effective ways to helps us reach more children in need.

No matter how small, your regular donation can make a real impact

Workplace Giving is the process of making regular, tax-deductible donations to Save the Children through your payroll. Your donation can help provide better healthcare, a quality education for all children, protection from violence, and safety during emergencies. Regular donations are vital for us to continue working in some of the most remote and rural communities. No matter how small, your donation every week or month will make a real impact.

Employee benefits

  • You choose how much you want to donate from each payslip. 
  • By donating from your pre-tax salary, you’ll automatically receive your tax deduction for your donation up front. So no need to keep receipts to claim it back come tax time. 
  • Your Payroll Team will simply provide a statement of your year’s donations along with your Group Certificate at the end of the financial year. 
  • It’s cost-effective and efficient - by donating from your pre-tax salary it costs you less to give Save the Children more.

Employer benefits

A strong and successful program can benefit your organisation by: 

  • Creating high impact for low cost - Running a Workplace Giving program is a low cost, high impact way to enhance your organisation’s social responsibility reputation. 
  • Improving staff engagement - studies have shown that 74% of participants involved in Workplace Giving enhanced their motivation at work.* 
  • Increasing your ROI - Employers with highly engaged employees are said to deliver 7x greater five-year total shareholder returns than organisations with low employee engagement.~ 
  • Attracting quality talent - 72% of young Australian workers want to work for an organisation that is highly involved in the community.* 
  • Enhancing your reputation - being involved in meaningful and impactful work enhances relationships with customers and clients, stakeholders and the broader community.

Together we can engage your staff, enhance your reputation and make the world a better place for children, today and tomorrow.

Find out more

If you’d like further assistance please get in touch. Email: or download our Workplace Giving brochure

* Huski-Levanthal 2012, Employee Engagement in CSR: The Case of Payroll Giving in Australia.
~ Kenexa Research Institute. 2008. Work Trends Annual Report. 

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