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Australian aid agencies welcome Australia’s calls for a ‘sustainable ceasefire’ in Gaza: ‘Every day we do not have a ceasefire more children will die’

Eight of Australia’s biggest aid and humanitarian agencies have today welcomed a joint statement signed by Prime Minister Albanese calling for “urgent international efforts towards a “sustainable ceasefire” in Gaza.
13 December 2023

Plan International Australia, ChildFund Australia, Save the Children Australia, Oaktree, Oxfam Australia, ActionAid Australia, Caritas Australia and Union Aid Abroad also welcome the Australian Government backing this call with action by voting for a resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire at the United Nations General Assembly.

With more than 18,000 people - including over 7,000 children - killed in Gaza in the last two months according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, and those who have survived facing catastrophic conditions without access to enough clean water, food or medical supplies, the urgency of this call cannot be overstated. Every day we do not have an immediate and permanent ceasefire more civilians and children will die.

By casting its vote at the United Nations General Assembly this morning, Australia now belatedly joins 152 countries across the world that are calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire. The voice for humanity is growing louder and more urgent by the day.

Australia must now do everything in its power to stop the indiscriminate bombing killing children, women and their families in Gaza by pushing for a permanent and lasting ceasefire, an end to the siege on lifesaving humanitarian aid, and the full protection and safety of civilians in accordance with international law and human rights.


For interviews, contact:

Plan International Australia - Claire Knox on 0452 326 549 /
Oxfam Australia - Lily Partland on 0418 118 687 /
Union Aid Abroad - Lachlan Batchelor on 0404 469 462 /
ActionAid Australia - Katherine Tu on 0422 430 282 /
ChildFund Australia - Jackie McKenzie on 0418 299 517 /
Caritas Australia - Tara Harvey on 0484002021 / 
Oaktree Australia - Alyssa Harding on 0448 767 124 /

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