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Al Hol camp in Syria

Statement on australian children and their mothers trapped in Al Hol camp in Syria
21 February 2020

Save the Children is urging the Australian Government to immediately repatriate children and their mothers from Al Hol camp in Syria following reports the AFP has issued arrest warrants.
Save the Children Deputy CEO and Director of International Programs, Mat Tinkler said:
“There are no more excuses to delay the repatriation of the Australian children and their mothers from Syria.
If offences have been committed, those responsible should be held accountable.  
The Australian women in the camp, and their families here in Australia, have made clear their willingness to fully cooperate with authorities.
Without question, the best place for those accused to face the full force of the law is here in Australia where we have a robust justice system.
Children should not suffer for the crimes of their parents, even the children of those who may have committed the most heinous of crimes.
Irrespective of what their parents may have done, these children are innocent and their best interests must be paramount.
The children trapped in these camps are already suffering malnutrition, pneumonia, shrapnel wounds and a number of other treatable medical conditions.
Conditions are deteriorating by the day as the brutal Syrian winter sets in. Infants are freezing to death.
All children who have lived under ISIS have experienced horrific, unthinkable violence, depravation and bombardment.
Australia has the power and the obligation to repatriate these children and support their full recovery.
Again, we plea with the Australian Government to act and repatriate these children, before it’s too late.”


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