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Children from Australia and the Pacific needed to advise UN on climate

Save the Children is urging children from Australia and Pacific Island nations impacted by climate change to apply for the chance to join a new advisory team to the United Nations
14 January 2022

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child wants input from children as it begins work on a guide to hold governments accountable to children and their climate rights.

Save the Children Australia Head of Policy Simon Henderson said the General Comment process was an important way for children from Australia and the Pacific to ensure governments are accountable to them.

“Children and young people living in Australia and the Pacific are on the frontline of the climate crisis,” Mr Henderson said.

“The UN process is an opportunity for the unique perspectives of children from Australia and the Pacific to be heard and valued.”

“Despite bearing the greatest burden of climate change, children’s views are all too rarely sought and taken seriously.”

“Governments and leaders need to be accountable to children for their action, or inaction, in response to the climate crisis.”

There are just a few days left for people aged under 18 years to apply for the new Children’s Advisory Team and help shape the development of new standards for children’s environmental rights, referred to as General Comment No. 26.

General Comment No. 26 will serve as authoritative guidance on how children’s rights are impacted by the environmental and climate crisis, and what countries must do to uphold these rights.

“The General Comment on children’s environmental rights is the result of years of tireless campaigning by children, young people and their allies.”

“Save the Children is supporting children from Australia and the Pacific to apply and to participate in this important process as part of our campaign to Save the Planet.”

“Children from diverse backgrounds will enrich the process. Young people from First Nation communities, those who have had their homes and lives disrupted by fires, floods or other disasters and those who have increased risks because of health needs or disability are really encouraged to apply.”

The Children’s Advisory Team will include a selection of 12 children from around the world, especially communities most impacted by the environmental crisis.

To be eligible, children must not turn 18 years old before the end of the year and be able to commit to the team until March 2023.

Those selected will help ensure children around the world have proper opportunities to contribute to the development of the new General Comment through child-friendly online questionnaires, educational material and events.

The Children’s Advisory Team will also provide input and guidance on the development of a child-friendly version of the General Comment and ensure it reaches as many children across the world as possible.

Applications will be accepted until 4pm (AEDT) on Monday 17 January. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their application alongside a supporting organisation like Save the Children.

You can access the application form here and contact Save the Children Australia to request support by emailing

You can find more information on General Comment No.26 here.


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