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Deaths of two children signals looming hunger crisis over Sudan

Two children are reported to have died from hunger-related causes in Sudan’s North Darfur State this week, an ominous sign of what is to come as 18 million people are expected to be pushed into extreme hunger by September, Save the Children said.
09 June 2022

Health officials confirmed the deaths of a boy and girl in the city of El-Fashir on Monday as a result of lack of food.
The UN estimates that the number of people facing acute hunger in Sudan will likely double to 18 million by September 2022. The looming hunger crisis in the country is largely due to the combined effects of conflict, economic crisis, and poor harvests
The country has faced extremely high inflation rates, averaging 336% over the past 12 months. The war in Ukraine has also exacerbated the situation in Sudan, with a global rise in food prices putting food out of reach for millions of poor families.
“The death of two children from hunger in El-Fashir is heartbreaking. We urgently press our international partners to exert every effort to minimize the toll on children and families. The international community must urgently support the Sudanese people during this difficult time,” said Arshad Malik, Save the Children’s Country Director in Sudan.
Save the Children is urgently calling on the international community to prioritize the humanitarian response in Sudan and provide desperately needed food, along with longer-term development assistance for children and their families impacted by the crisis.
Save the Children Sudan is currently operating food security programs in five of the most affected states, including the distribution of seeds and agricultural inputs, goats for milk, and cash distribution. The organisation has also supported more than one million Sudanese people in the last year with health and nutrition services, ensuring that children under five affected by malnutrition receive the help that they need.
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