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GAZA: UN Security Council vetoes another resolution as 360,000 people sign petition calling for ceasefire

The UN Security Council has vetoed yet another ceasefire resolution for Gaza and Israel, in a major blow to children and families seeking an urgent end to the violence, Save the Children said.  
26 October 2023

Over 360,000 people and over 500 organisations from 60 countries have signed onto the #CeasefireNOW petition, making a public call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and Israel, which was ignored by world leaders who met at the UN today to discuss the resolution.  

The petition also calls for humanitarian assistance to be immediately delivered to people in need, including food, water, medical supplies, and fuel.   
The petition was initiated on 17 October and still remains open for signatures.  

Save the Children’s Country Director for the occupied Palestinian territory, Jason Lee, said:    

“Children in Gaza and Israel urgently need the UN Security Council to put aside the politics, come together, and prioritise the lives and futures of the over one million children living in Gaza and three million children in Israel. It is a disgrace that the UN’s highest decision-making body for international peace and security cannot overcome its differences to protect the children who need it most.  

“There must be a ceasefire in Gaza and Israel. We call on all parties to the conflict to take immediate steps to protect the lives of children, of families, of civilians, and on the international community to support those efforts.  Everything possible must be done to protect children from harm – and provide them with the support they need. 

“We call for the UN General Assembly to do what the Security Council will not, and pass a resolution that demands a ceasefire, unimpeded delivery of humanitarian assistance, including fuel, in line with international humanitarian law (IHL), return of all hostages, and an end on attacks on civilians.” 


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  • The petition has been translated into French, German, Japanese, Italian, Arabic, Turkish, and Hebrew.  
  • The list of organisations who have signed the petition is available here. 

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