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International Digital Inclusion Week

Innovation in addressing the digital divide booming in Central NSW
15 October 2018

Save the Children's Central West NSW-based program, Programming the Future, is celebrating International Digital Inclusion Week by launching a research project in partnership with the Centre for Educational Research, School of Education, Western Sydney University.

Programming the Future (PtF) addresses the digital divide facing young people from disadvantaged communities in regional and remote NSW.

This week, the uni is launching a project which will assess the outcomes and impact of PtF on children and young people’s purposeful use of new and emerging technologies to promote community engagement and achieve personal and social development goals.

PtF works through facilitating community-driven Digital Excellence Hubs that deliver digital training and support services, using cutting edge technology such as coding, robotics, 3D printing and virtual and augmented reality.

Save the Children NSW Regional Coordinator Brett Mitchell said all children deserved the chance to be part of the digital revolution.

"There is a huge need for children and young people to develop digital skills but this relies on them having access to, and having strong skills in operating, digital media," Mr Mitchell said.

"Despite the global digital push many Australian children and young people do not have access to digital learning due to a variety of reasons, including poverty, especially in rural and regional areas of NSW."

International Digital Inclusion Week runs from October 15 to 21 and aims to increase digital equity awareness globally.

The week will address the need for cohesive digital strategies and aims to increase awareness and commitment to digital inclusion.

International Digital Inclusion Week will build on the US-based Digital Inclusion Week which took place in May.

The week will include increasing awareness through social media and a global video panel of digital inclusion practitioners.

For interviews, call Jess Brennan on 0421 334 918

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