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North West Syria: Children Reported Killed and Injured Following US Military Operation

At least six children, including two infants, were killed in Atma town, Idlib according to reports
04 February 2022

At least six children, including two infants, were killed in Atma town, Idlib this morning, said Save the Children. 

Their deaths were reported as US President Joe Biden confirmed that the US had conducted a military operation that had led to the death of a senior ISIS official in the same town.  
Janti Soeripto, President and CEO of Save the Children US, said: 
"The reports we are hearing of children’s deaths and injuries in the vicinity of the US operation are deeply alarming and unacceptable."

"The US, like all parties to the conflict in Syria, are required to protect children from harm and must take responsibility for all impacts resulting from their actions. They are required to protect civilians in line with their responsibilities under international humanitarian law."

"Children should never be reduced to collateral damage. There needs to be an urgent, immediate investigation into this incident."  

Save the Children has been a leader in the humanitarian response to the crisis affecting Syria since 2014. Save the Children programming offers emergency, life-saving, and early recovery activities. 

The organization and its partners address the basic needs of health, education, and protection for children and families inside Syria and in surrounding countries. 

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