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Programming the future launches in Dubbo

A program to bridge the digital divide facing children and young people has been launched in Dubbo today.
07 August 2018

Programming the Future is a joint project of Save the Children Australia and Dubbo Regional Council to deliver digital skills to local children and young people.

The aim of the program is to help kids in the Dubbo region compete with those who have the advantage of growing up in major towns and cities, with high-speed internet and increased access to new and emerging digital technologies.

Programming the Future works by building the skills and knowledge of local service providers, so they can offer young people the tech tools they need for future work and tertiary education opportunities. Despite the early stages of the project in Dubbo, these service providers – known as Programming the Future Champions – include Dubbo Regional Council’s network of libraries.

Save the Children Programming the Future Team Leader Angela Beard said this program had far reaching benefits for regional communities.

“Programming the Future will not only benefit children and young people living in regional and remote areas, it also increases the capacity of these communities to deliver further digital education and training and ensure small towns are keeping up,” Ms Beard said.

“By being involved with this program, children also develop important life skills, such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration and, importantly, how to use technology in positive ways to solve social issues.”

Mayor of the Dubbo Region, Ben Shields is very enthusiastic about the partnership.

“I support any measure that helps more young children learn the skills they need to prepare for adulthood and Programming the Future is a great example,” Mr Shields said.

“Australia has an opportunity to lead the way in information technology into the future and Dubbo has intelligent and talented kids that are capable of being part of that if they are given the right opportunity.

“I hope children embrace the fantastic opportunity being given to them by Save the Children Australia and Dubbo Regional Council.”

Programming the Future ensures young people are inspired, engaged and prepared for the future education and employment opportunities by teaching cutting-edge technologies such as coding, robotics, electronics, 3D printing and virtual reality.

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