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Refugees depart Nauru for US

“After more than four, long years, Save the Children welcomes reports that at least 27 refugees on Nauru may finally have the chance to resettle in the United States."
03 October 2017

To be attributed to acting CEO, Mat Tinkler:

“The limbo and uncertainty felt by asylum seekers and refugees living on Nauru has caused significant and lasting harm to their wellbeing. Like many Australians, the hopes and dreams of these people are quite simple: a safe and stable home, the prospect of a decent job, and an education for their children.

“We welcome the end to this uncertainty, and wish them all the best as they move on from this difficult and painful time in their lives. No doubt they are ready to begin the next chapter of their lives in the US.

“Save the Children is mindful that not all of those transferred by the Australian government to Nauru and Manus Island are going to be offered the chance to resettle in the US. The longer people remain living with such uncertainty, the greater the harm caused to their wellbeing.

“We urge the Australian Government to ensure that a safe, sustainable and humane outcome is provided to all affected men, women and children as a matter of urgency. If such an outcome cannot be secured in a suitable third country, we continue to argue that people should be brought to Australia so their safety and wellbeing can be guaranteed.”

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