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Save the Children supports calls for government to establish duty of care to young people on climate 

Leading child rights organisation backs proposal calling on the Federal Government to consider the impact of climate harm on young people in its decision making. 
01 August 2023

Youth climate activist Anjali Sharma and independent senator David Pocock have put forward a proposal to alter Australia’s Climate Change Act and establish a duty of care in Australian law to protect young people from climate harm when assessing fossil fuel projects. 

Save the Children Australia CEO Mat Tinkler said the organisation was supportive in principle, adding that children and young people too often bear the brunt of the climate crisis and are rarely fully considered by decision-makers.

“Children across the world are already suffering the impacts of the climate crisis: from more frequent floods and bushfires in Australia to intensified cyclones and rising sea levels in the Pacific,” he said.

“Young people across Australia have been asking the government to consider their experiences and their fears about the impact of the climate crisis. This bill presents an important opportunity to listen and act to help safeguard their future. 

“The climate crisis is a child rights crisis at its core and to adequately address this we must put child rights at the heart of our collective response and ensure children’s voices are heard.

“It’s essential that children and young people’s health and wellbeing is considered when forming climate policies, because decisions that are made today will have long-lasting implications.” 

Save the Children is calling on Australia to rapidly phase out the use and subsidy of fossil fuels, and transition to renewable and green energy as quickly as possible.


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Save the Children published Born into the Climate Crisis in 2021 in collaboration with an international team of climate researchers led by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel which found that under Paris Agreement pledges, a child born in 2020 faces 2 times as many bushfires, 3 times as many floods and 7 times as many heatwaves than a person born in 1960.

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