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Statement on the escalating situation in the West Bank 

Save the Children is alarmed by the escalating situation in the West Bank.
04 July 2023

Save the Children is alarmed by the escalating situation in the West Bank. In the past day, nine Palestinians, including three children, have been killed and more than 50 Palestinians injured. Several Palestinians, including children, have been arrested during the Israeli Security Forces (ISF) operation in Jenin. Damage to civilian infrastructure is widespread, including disruption of water and electricity supplies, and the demolitions of roads and houses is ongoing.  

This has been the largest operation by the ISF in the West Bank since 2002 and includes use of air strikes and significant ground forces in densely populated, civilian areas. In the first half of 2023, the number of Palestinian civilian deaths and injuries has already surpassed 2022, which was then the deadliest year for Palestinians since the UN began recording in 2005.  

Save the Children calls all parties to immediately de-escalate the situation, uphold International Humanitarian Law and ensure humanitarian access to all children and their families affected by the violence.  

“It is unacceptable that children are once again subjected to violence and are paying the price for the ongoing conflict. There must be an immediate de-escalation of hostilities, and to deliver much needed humanitarian assistance to children and their families. Civilians and civilian infrastructure must be protected to ensure that children can access basic services,” said Jason Lee, Country Director Save the Children in the occupied Palestinian Territory.

Save the Children has been providing much needed mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) to children and their families, to better cope with the ongoing violence and stressors that surround their lives. Additionally, we are providing much needed cash assistance to enable families to meet immediate medical, food and basic needs.


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