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STATEMENT: “The question is, how do leaders want their children and grandchildren to remember them?” – pressure ramps up on leaders to provide a secure future for children at COP27

Commenting on the COP27 negotiations just days before the final text is due to be released, Yolande Wright, Global Director of Poverty and Climate at Save the Children, said:
17 November 2022

“Before we came to COP this year, Save the Children collected insights from over 54,000 children. In this major consultation, 83% of children across 15 countries said they see impacts of the climate crisis or inequality, or both, affecting the world around them. 73% of children believe adults should be doing more to address these issues.
“So, with two days left, why aren’t they? Some high-income countries have made the gesture of bilaterally committing millions in loss and damage funding for climate vulnerable countries. But doing this while speaking of delaying decisions on global UN  funding arrangements for loss and damage until 2024 is not enough. The rights of 2.4 billion are already being trampled on by the full force of the climate crisis, with hunger soaring, schools destroyed and physical and mental health under threat. Children in low-income countries, and those affected by inequality and discrimination, need billions to address rapidly escalating loss and damage, and they need this now. We also need more clarity and more commitment on climate finance to help these communities adapt to and recover from climate impacts and shocks – and whatever is decided must work for the world’s children.
“Crucially, it is high time that the COP summits and leaders recognize the vital stake children have in addressing the climate and environmental crisis. Children will inherit the future left to them by adults today. The question is, how do leaders want their children and grandchildren to remember them?”

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