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Don’t Choose Sides, Choose Children

Save the Children statement on conditions for children on the U.S.-Mexico Border
28 June 2019
In response to the horrific conditions children are experiencing on the U.S.-Mexico border, Carolyn Miles, CEO of Save the Children US, said: 

“The shocking photo of Oscar Alberto and his young daughter Valeria, who died trying to enter America over the weekend, is a tragic reminder of the dangerous journey that families are making to seek asylum from violence and escape extreme, crippling poverty in their home countries. The journey itself is harrowing, and the dangers don’t stop once these men, women, and children reach the border.

“The inhumane conditions we have been hearing about at the child detention facilities are gut wrenching and unacceptable. Children being held in these facilities are tired dirty, and hungry, and what they’re experiencing is likely to leave them with years of trauma. This is a child right’s violation and a matter of human decency.

“I urge Congress to provide additional funding to radically improve the conditions in the detention centers and call on the Administration to put protecting children in its care as its top priority. This is about young lives, not politics—don’t choose sides, choose children.” 

For media enquires contact Jess Brennan on 0421 334 918

Note to Editors:

-    Save the Children is running Child Friendly Spaces and children’s play areas at transit shelters in New Mexico for children once they leave the detention facilities. The humanitarian organization is also providing assistance to partners who provide families with necessities such as hygiene kits, diapers and clothing. To date, Save the Children and the Save the Children Action Network have generated more than 250,000 letters to the Administration and members of Congress, urging action to protect vulnerable children. 

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