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Yemen statement

Australia must follow the UK and US lead and call for an urgent ceasefire
01 November 2018

Save the Children welcomes the news that both the United States and Britain – Saudi Arabia’s biggest arms suppliers – will ramp up pressure for a cease-fire in the Yemen war.

Citizens the world over are demanding their governments end defence sales to the Saudi-led coalition in light of the horrific humanitarian crisis unfolding in Yemen.

Australia must join the call for a halt to the conflict, and ensure its military exports are not contributing to serious violations of international law by the warring parties in Yemen.

Human rights violations and abuses continue unabated, with at least 6,600 civilians killed and 10,563 injured in what the UN describes as an “entirely manmade catastrophe”.

Save the Children Director of Advocacy and International Programs Mat Tinkler said there was growing evidence that Yemen was drifting toward famine at an accelerating rate, with potentially devastating consequences for children.

“The conflict in Yemen is already the world’s worst humanitarian emergency and the situation is deteriorating rapidly,” Mat Tinker said.

“Fighting in Yemen has escalated this week and the global community must intensify our pressure for peace talks. 

“If the world can raise its voice to condemn the Saudi killing of one journalist, it can unite to end the deaths and suffering of millions in Yemen.”

Save the Children has more than 50 years of experience working in Yemen. Operational in the country since 1963, the charity was the first international aid group in Yemen. We work nationally and locally to promote and protect children’s rights, with programs in education, protection, health, nutrition, water, livelihoods, and food security.

This year Save the Children has reached more than 12,500 children through its mental health and psychosocial support programs in Yemen, but we need to reach many more.

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