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A second home

12 January 2023, Voices from the Field

Nora Basher on a decade with Save the Children 

“It’s easy to connect to the group because I can speak to each different culture or community.”

Nora has been working with families in Melbourne’s inner north since 2007, and as a community worker for Save the Children since 2012. So, as far as understanding the needs of the children and parents who participate in our programs, there’s no one better.

“I come from the same community, so I know what the community wants, I know what the community needs,” says Nora.

In addition to living in the community, Nora has another advantage when it comes to connecting with people.

I come from the same community, so I know what the community wants, I know what the community needs


Nora started with Save the Children back in 2012 working for the toy library, a free community initiative that gives children access to quality toys, supports the development of parenting skills and improves family knowledge about child development. 

Very soon her passion and skills led to opportunities to expand her role.

“I used to do toy library, playgroup, family learning groups, three jobs together,” she says. Luckily though, Nora’s work always allowed her to prioritise her family’s needs.

“They’re very flexible on timing,” says Nora, “Save the Children gives me this opportunity in a workplace where bringing your kids in is OK … that’s why I stay at Save the Children a long time. I love it, I love my job too.”

Nora (right) and her colleagues have been able to carve out a career path that suits their needs, interests and skills

As a highly creative person, Nora has relished the opportunity to carve her own career path and design her own solutions to professional challenges. 

“I used to make my own books, my own activity books for the kids,” says Nora. “I just came up with it, just creative … I create a lot of things for the kids.” 

All of Nora’s creativity and experience was needed to overcome the challenges to education posed by the pandemic. 

“Two years we did online,” she says, “the first year in 2020 was a little bit challenging … the library was not there so I used to deliver books for [the students], some craft stuff, and then I’d put in a video how they are going do the craft.” 

Despite these sorts of challenges, Nora looks fondly at the many beautiful memories she has created throughout her career.

“One of the things I remember … we went surfing in Torquay with the kids for the whole day … I have good memories of surfing and the kids … I had a good time with the kids and the parents,” says Nora. 

“I have a lot of memories with Save the Children,” says Nora, “working with the staff … my team is great and I’m happy working.

One of Nora’s favourite memories in her decade of working with Save the Children is the time spent with her team (pictured)

“The main thing is, coming to work you need to be happy doing the work that you’re doing, you know what I mean? … Save the Children, for me it’s like my second house.”

*Photos provided by Nora

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