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Celebrating a revolution in clothing donation

04 November 2021, Retail

Our op shops have reduced textile waste and raised money for vulnerable children

Twelve months ago, Save the Children partnered with UPPAREL to reduce, re-use and recycle donated textiles. One year on, we’ve delivered a sustainable solution to the shocking wastage that sees a mountain of clothing end up in landfill each year.
This partnership revolutionises the way you can donate your unwanted clothing. Our goal is to ensure that no donated item ends up in landfill. To counter the traditional clothing consumption model of ‘take, make and dispose’, we’ve created an innovative circular model that makes sure every item of clothing is either ‘re-used, recycled or repurposed’.

Here’s how it works

When you book a collection of unwanted clothing with UPPAREL, the items are sifted and sorted. If they’re fit to wear, they’re passed onto our op shops to sell and raise funds for our programs that support children at home and overseas.

Items that can’t be sold can sometimes be repurposed – old jeans and bags are turned into new handbags!
When items are past selling or upcycled, they are recycled. Materials are shredded and turned into filling. Clothing can be recycled into roof tiles, insulation, office partitions, floor rugs, blankets, and stuffing for pet beds. Even shoes can be recycled – the rubber can be shredded and developed into new products or track surfaces, basketball courts and playgrounds. Their soles can also be used to create soles for fresh shoes.
Nothing is ever sent off-shore or sent to landfill.

Results speak for themselves 

Over the last 12 months, Save the Children and UPPAREL have saved over 150,000 items from landfill and raised $70,000 for vulnerable children.
On average for every 10 kilo collection, 6 kilos of your clothing collection will be reused, 2 kilos will be upcycled, and 2 kilos will be recycled. A 10 kilo collection also prevents 40 kilos of greenhouses gases.
Together with Save the Children and UPPAREL, we’re ensuring we can create a waste-free world and create a better world for children. 

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