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Annual Report 21: Diverse Ventures in 2021

28 June 2022, Research and Reports

The right to learn, anywhere 

The shift to hybrid classrooms with Inclusiv Education  

Inclusiv Education (IE) is a joint venture with Save the Children Australia that helps partners in the development sector adopt educational technology to increase access to high quality education and bridge the digital divide. In 2021 IE continued to help partners throughout the sector adapt to the educational challenges posed by COVID-19. This included notable projects in Tonga and Papua New Guinea (PNG).  

Tonga - Safe Back to School 

Silvia and Polouena enjoying the online learning platform ‘Hama’ in Tonga.
Photo: Taikaati Pulotu 

This year, IE provided technical advisory support to enhance the Tongan Ministry of Education’s capacity to maintain student learning outcomes while schools are closed due to emergencies. Our support helped launch the first national student learning platform, ‘Hama’. This platform enables Tonga to transform their learning environments into multi-modal home-based education, a 'hybrid' teaching approach that combines best-practices in online and face-to-face educational experiences. 

Papua New Guinea – Literacy & Numeracy Boost  

Our project in Papua New Guinea ensured that teachers are trained and supported to find ways to integrate technology into their lesson plans. This year we finished phase III of the Western Province eLearning project. Our strategies acknowledged the need to build digital literacy of both learners and teachers. To address this, we measured our impact through improvements in English and Maths learning outcomes in primary schools and through developments in the digital literacy and capacity of teachers to use eLearning in their classrooms.  

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Putting children’s voices front and centre  

Child Wise: Creating safer organisations for children 

Child Wise is a social enterprise of Save the Children Australia specialising in child safeguarding. The mission of Child Wise is to lead the world in transforming systems and institutions to keep children and young people safe from abuse and harm. 

In 2021 our work extended in breadth, depth and geographically into other countries across the globe. The number of hours spent dedicated to child safeguarding grew from just below 5,000 in 2020 to over 17,500. We extended our reach from two countries outside Australia to eight. Our public profile grew exponentially: from 10 appearances in the media in 2021 to 256.  

An exciting result of our advocacy is the inclusion of young people in policy-making for digital safeguarding.
Photo: Unsplash

We also made significant submissions to many enquiries, particularly those relating to the online safety of children and young people.  

In 2021 we consulted with children and young people on the best ways to increase youth involvement in our work, leading to the development of the Child Wise Youth Advisory Board.  The Board brings 12 exceptional young people together to shape our practice, ensuring their voices are front and centre. 

We partnered with House of Muchness to produce ‘Like This’ – an in-depth look at young people and social media – the issues and challenges – from their perspective. 

Everything we get told is about what we shouldn’t share and what we shouldn’t post, like sharing nudes, not about what you shouldn’t be doing to others and how you should be treating people

a 15-year-old in the film said

One of the most exciting things we have seen arise from our advocacy in the digital safeguarding field, is the inclusion of young people in government policy-making and legislative development. This is inspiring, given that our mantra is elevating children’s voices and views in all decision-making that affects them.  

We supported approximately 50 child focused organisations over multiple consultancies, coaching and accreditation projects to help them strengthen internal child safeguarding capacity and to ensure compliance with child safety principles and legislation. 

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A classroom in a box 

Library For All is making knowledge accessible to all, equally 

Save the Children's Library for All is on a mission to make knowledge accessible to all, equally. With a global team of authors, illustrators, designers and developers, Library For All harnesses technology to give more children access to books and learning. In 2021 Library For All expanded their reach across the Pacific, South-East Asia and Africa to reach an additional 142,000 children. Library For All now impacts 562,000 learners spread across 11 countries, including Papua New Guinea where their work has had a profound impact.  

9-year-old Susan lives in a remote village in Papua New Guinea’s Morobe province. At home she has no books, no electricity and had never held a digital device. Susan’s family placed little value on school, so she came and went as she wanted – some days helping her parents on the farm, sometimes turning up for class.  

Library For All’s Spark Kit changed that. Containing 40 Android tablets with Library For All’s customised learning platform installed, Spark Kits are a ‘classroom in a box’.  

“The Spark Kit is a game changer,” said Rebecca McDonald, CEO and Founder of Library For All.  
Since her school was provided with the Spark Kit, Susan’s teacher describes her as “ecstatic” to come to class and read new books each day. Her parents are also realising how important education is. The school encourages parents to come during free time and read with their children, and Susan’s parents are some of the most regular to join.  

“Now I am so excited to read. And my parents even come to school to read with me!


Spark Kits, which each contain 40 Android tablets loaded with learning material,
have been a game changer in PNG and across the world. 
Photo: Library For All

This is just one story from a whole village of children who had limited access to educational resources. Library For All now has a library of over 750 books created for Papua New Guinea. Children can access the digital library for free on any Android device, and Library For All are also working to reach children in villages where they don’t have the technology, electricity or money to make that happen.  

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