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Family Ties

15 April 2019, Impact of Our Work

We all need a family; whatever its shape, whatever its size, whatever the circumstances…

Protecting the integrity of family is at the heart of what we do.

Without family, a child is alone in the world. Left to forge a path through fear, danger and uncertainty. If we can help provide families with the tools to protect, educate and nurture their children, we are one step closer to enabling them to thrive.

That’s why your support is critical. You’re helping to reunite families who have been separated amid conflict, to giving families the support they need to recover after disaster and to educating, training and advising parents to help them guide their children towards a bright future. 

Here are a few examples of families you have helped be the best they can be.

The importance of family

Family bonds are universally significant. Bonds that you see in the so-called small things we sometimes take for granted. And in the big, life-defining moments. Shared experiences, loyalty, laughs and love. Extraordinary sacrifice made without question. We celebrate families we work with the world over, in every shape, size and circumstance. And we celebrate the contribution you make to helping keep these precious bonds safe and strong.

Your support is critical in helping make sure families have every opportunity to protect, educate and nurture their children, whatever their situation.

*Names have been changed

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