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Flowers bloom as Yemen enters ceasefire

20 April 2022, Impact of Our Work

Peace negotiations sow seeds of hope

Children and their families in Yemen have been given renewed hope as the country entered a two-month truce in April, the first nationwide ceasefire since 2016. The UN estimates that the war has killed almost 400,000 people, about 60% of those from a lack of food, healthcare and safe drinking water. In recognition of the seventh anniversary of the conflict in March, Save the Children has been sharing images of flowers painted by Yemeni children as a symbol of solidarity with children affected by war across the world.

As part of the Flowers for Children campaign, a drawing workshop was held in Southwestern Yemen for children aged between 8 and 17. A local artist worked with the children to draw flowers on the walls of a school that was damaged by bombardment. The children were photographed as they worked to bring beauty and hope to one of the most devastating humanitarian crises in the world.
Please click the red box below to look through this series of photos displaying the talent, strength and resilience of these incredible children.

While these children have brightened their neighbourhood and are currently enjoying the temporary ceasefire, their future remains uncertain. Over the seven years of conflict Save the Children has been able to support the health and development of hundreds of thousands of children with the generous support and compassion of people like you. As conflict continues to affect children around the world, we thank you for your continued support that enables us to provide lifesaving resources for children and families confronted with the most challenging circumstances. 

Our incredible supporter community allows us to support children like these talented artists, who show a strength and resilience far beyond their years. 

Photo: Albaraa Mansoor/Save the Children.
*Names have been withheld to protect identities.

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