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Help spread the sparkle

25 November 2020, Action for Change, Retail

Join Save the Children and Michael Hill to raise funds for children

This year the world as we know it was upended. The very real threat of coronavirus has meant trying times for families – lost jobs, school and daycare closures, and families separated by state borders. This Christmas it’s time to recognise the courage and commitment of Australians in getting the virus under control and look forward to a brighter future for all. 

To support a better world for children into 2021 and beyond, Michael Hill have partnered with Save the Children to launch a special festive season project. Every sale of the children’s book “Ellie Mae’s Sparkle” will have a percentage of the proceeds donated to Save the Children, to support children at home and overseas.  
“Ellie Mae’s Sparkle” tells the story of Ellie-Mae who is getting ready for what her mother calls a ‘new-normal’ day when she realises: she’s lost her sparkle! Children and adults will enjoy joining Ellie-Mae on her journey to find her sparkle again – and you might just find yours, too.
Ellie Mae’s Sparkle is a response to the challenging year that has been, and a reminder that with optimism, perseverance, and a sense of community, we can overcome difficult times.

You could support families from the pandemic

Nafisa and her three children live in the densely-packed makeshift settlements of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. COVID-19 has spread there, worrying the refugees who share communal bathrooms and have difficulty accessing clean water. 

Nafisa heard of COVID-19 back in March. It was nerve-wracking for her to think the virus could spread in her home.
“We have problems accessing water here. Where we collect water is far away and the well is very hard to pump. There are only four toilets here (in Nafisa’s area of the camp) and those are already full. There is no separate bathing space here. It is very difficult to live here. How could we be hygienic in such a situation?”


Her worst fears came true when Nafisa tested positive to COVID-19 and was admitted to the Save the Children isolation and treatment centre, along with her six-year-old daughter Sufia*. Her two sons, eight-year-old Nasib* and three-year-old Hasif* were looked after in a separate part of the hospital by staff. 
The isolation and treatment centre is staffed by an expert team of 80 health professionals and support staff, including Save the Children’s Emergency Health Unit, who have extensive experience in managing disease outbreaks. It has 54 inpatient beds, five stabilisation beds and a delivery area.
“They (Save the Children’s medical staff) treated me well and took good care of us. They checked our blood pressure and body temperature in the morning at 7am. They used to examine us in the same way in the afternoon, evening and at night as well. Then they provided us with treatment according to our results. They tested us and supported us in every way."


Thanks to your support, you can be there for those at risk of COVID-19 like Nafisa. As the pandemic continues to rage around the world, vulnerable children and families can feel safe in the knowledge that they too will be looked after.

*names changed to protect identities

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