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Inspiring kids act on climate change

23 October 2019, Action for Change

Young people are leading the charge to protect the climate 

Since Greta Thunberg’s first school strike for climate, young people have been leading the charge in demanding action to protect the climate. It has been inspiring to see so many young people lead from the front with a genuine optimism that change is possible.

On 20 September 2019, young people from all around the world instigated what was probably the largest mass mobilisation for climate change in human history. 

Save the Children believes in supporting children to exercise their voice on the issues they care about – and climate change has emerged as the defining question for the current generation of young people and children. We are pleased to give them the opportunity to voice their concerns in this video taken on the day of the Climate Strike.

Fighting for a better future for, and with, children is a central mission of Save the Children. We are proud to provide the support they need to be confident to speak out and have their voices heard.  

We see the effects of climate change in our work  

Around the world Save the Children is dealing with the impacts of climate change in our policy and program work. Across the Asia-Pacific region, we’re building more resilient communities by supporting children, caregivers and their communities to anticipate, respond and adapt to climate change impacts.

Photos: Ben Christensen

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