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Keeping kids in school

15 July 2020, Impact of Our Work

Motivating and encouraging kids through alternative learning  

Every child learns differently. And while a school-based curriculum sees some children thrive, others engage better through practical activities. 

Our Youth Programs focus on making sure every child is supported so that children don’t disengage from school or drop out early. Children spend one day a week in their school environment on practical projects, like art, carpentry or even running a café. Through this children learn valuable life skills, work together as a team, and help shift their attitudes and behaviours within the classroom. 

Watch the video to find out how our programs are working in Queensland. 

Save the Children’s Youth Worker Ryan Nugent says he’s seen a tangible difference in children who are part of the programs. 

The kids who take part really enjoy it. Out here they’re all smiles, they’re learning how to work together, how to come and ask for help, and how to be leaders. The program gives kids the chance to shine, and that translates into their school life. They have the confidence to have a go.

Ryan Nugent, Save the Children’s Youth Worker

For children who switch off in the classroom, this support is giving them a reason to stay in school. Through the program, they can build a stronger connection with classmates, teachers and the school and learn lifelong skills for a better future. 

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