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22 August 2018, Action for Change

Save the Children joins #KidsOffNauru campaign

Save the Children stands up for the rights of children – wherever they are. We place the dignity and safety of children first, no matter the circumstances.

Five years too long

For five years the Australian Government has kept children on the Pacific Island of Nauru. For five years we have advocated for their safety, and have spoken up, sometimes at great cost, to ensure their best interests.  Despite this,119 children still remain trapped on the island, and we are worried about their future.

We have an obligation to keep children safe

That is why we have joined with a coalition of 30 of Australia’s most prominent humanitarian and refugee-focused NGOs to tell the government it is time to put an end to keeping children on the tiny island nation. It is hurting them. And there is no end in sight to their presence there – we have an obligation to move them to safety until we can find an enduring solution.

Children’s lives are in limbo

Children effectively trapped on Nauru have experienced and witnessed unspeakable horrors, including self-harm. They have limited places to safely learn, play and access the support they need to live healthy lives. 

It’s time to act

Whatever political problems we face as a nation, the answer cannot be for our government to subject children to a life in limbo on Nauru. Save the Children calls on the Australian Government to adhere to its international obligations to ensure these children can grow up in safety and dignity.

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