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Lives washed away

08 July 2019, Impact of Our Work, Emergencies

“We lost everything that day.” Mateo, ten years old.

Three months since Cyclone Idai tore through Mozambique, the recovery for communities – particularly in the most remote places – is really only just beginning. The rebuilding of homes, schools and villages is being hampered by lack of resources and the constant threat of rapidly spreading disease. 

With help from generous supporters like you, Save the Children is working closely with government and local partners to help families get back on their feet. Mobile Health Clinics hit the road every day to reach the most vulnerable. Food, water and vaccinations are being distributed far and wide, while temporary shelters provide a place for children to play, learn and recover. 

Here are a just few of the amazing stories of resilience emerging in the wake of the deadly cyclone and the floods that followed.  

It’s been three months since both cyclones Idai and Kenneth tore through Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Services like roads, health centres and schools still need repairing or rebuilding from scratch. Our local staff are working around the clock to reach the most vulnerable children. 

Disasters like these strike more than one blow - the initial devastation is only the beginning, with months or years of difficult recovery ahead.

Without supporters like you, none of our life-saving work would be possible. You’re helping us piece together the lives of children who’ve had their world torn apart. 

Images: Sacha Myers/Save the Children & Saman Saidi/Save the Children Australia

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