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Marta Dusseldorp visits the NT

22 September 2014, Voices from the Field

Leaving the theatre and TV sets behind, Marta Dusseldorp got real in the Northern Territory with Save the Children last week when she connected with Aboriginal children living in remote communities.

She's played some incredible roles in her 20-year career as an actress, and is perhaps best-known as Sarah Adams in the television series, A Place to Call Home.

Now, Marta Dusseldorp is very much playing herself as Save the Children's new official ambassador.

Driven by her concern for the challenges facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, Marta and her family took some time out to learn more about the realities for children living in some of the most disadvantaged places in Australia.

Visiting a Play2Learn in one community, she discovered first-hand how Save the Children is helping vulnerable children grow, learn and develop through play and support.

"Save the Children's Play2Learn is a fully functioning, practical, on-the-ground outreach to communities and their children," said Marta – who spent lots of time playing and laughing with the children there.

"They're giving kids up to five years old a reliable and structured learning experience that sees the kids running towards the bus as it arrives and waving happily as they leave."

"The incredible team at Save the Children are intelligent, passionate people, dedicated to children.

"The smiles are contagious. The goodwill is enormous. The hearts are true and they are working together to create a sensitive and nurturing beginning to these children's lives,"
she said.

Marta also experienced the daily ride to school for Aboriginal children living in remote One Mile Dam and Kulaluk communities, getting up extra early to join the children on the bus run, which ensures children get to school every day as part of our school attendance program.

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