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"My life is a little absurd"

14 June 2019, Impact of Our Work

Staff from Save the Children met Bijesh in Nepal in 1997

They visited again last year to see how he’s getting along.

"I think discrimination can be found everywhere. The most important thing is how we deal with it. If we take it as a challenge then I think we can move on in life.”

Bijesh was born with Cerebral Palsy. As a young child he could neither stand nor sit. So being treated differently has been the least of his concerns. And it certainly hasn’t stopped his will to pursue his hopes and dreams.

When Save the Children met Bijesh 20 years ago, his academic ability was becoming clear. At the time, we were supporting a rehabilitation program that was working with Bijesh to help make sure he had the support and access to services he needed.  

On returning to visit Bijesh last year, it was no surprise that he was in the middle of studying for his master’s degree. 

The topic for his masters is Franz Kafka’s absurdist novel Metamorphosis, a story about the expectations of normality, and the anxiety of being misunderstood. 

“Well, I like that expression,” Bijesh says of absurdism. “Sometimes I feel my life is also a bit absurd!”

Today, in addition to his studies, Bijesh is a program associate with SAMA, an organisation that works for inclusion and inclusive education. He is also responsible for an Inclusive Youth Advisory Group.

To this day, Bijesh credits the support he received in his early years for what he has been able to achieve. "The support opened new opportunities, so I was lucky,” he says. “Without it, I could still be lying at home.” 

We doubt it.  It’s clear that sheer determination and a positive spirit has been the ultimate driving force behind his success. 

When asked what the future holds he says, “Well, I don’t know. I never think of the future. I'm just thinking about my situation in the here and now.”

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