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Nada's story

21 September 2018, Impact of Our Work

Originally from Syria, now living in Lebanon, 14-year-old Nada won’t let anything stand in her way

Nada* isn’t counting how many days are left of the summer holidays, but rather how many days are left before school opens its doors again.

When asked how she would react if someone told her there would be no more school, Nada says she ‘’Would never accept it, because I want to keep learning. I love to learn. My sister helps me hold the pen to write my homework. She also tests my maths knowledge.’’

Born with a disability that affects her nervous system and mental development, Nada was denied enrolment at school three times before she eventually found a school that would accept her.

Initially, she found it hard to fit in at school. 

During playtime, one of Save the Children's Education Community Liaisons would see Nada by herself, with no friends to play with. But her fierce determination and intellectual drive gave her the upper hand over her physical limitations. 

With support from her education liaison in collaboration with her teachers, Nada soon attracted new friends. She also worked hard to catch up on the years of school she’d missed out on.

Her mother is not surprised. She recognised early on that her daughter was “an exceptionally smart girl.”

In her most recent exams, Nada got an A for her favourite subject, Geography and a B overall. ‘’In Geography we learn about the environment, nature and countries. We study about Lebanon too,” Nada says proudly. “Eventually, I want to be a doctor to treat people like me. That’s my goal.’’

Thanks to our generous supporters, Save the Children is on the ground in Syria and throughout the region, including working in refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon. 

Images: Nour Wahid/Save the Children
*Name has been changed

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