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Will you become a Partner for Children?

17 September 2018

Become a founding member of Partners for Children and scale your impact to help save more children’s lives today.

As a loyal supporter of Save the Children, you’ve been part of a remarkable story of progress and since 1990, child mortality has almost halved. But despite this leap forward, many children are still being left behind.

If you become a member of Partners for Children today you’ll join other people like you, who are determined to change this. You’ll support programmes that have been carefully selected by experts in the field, to ensure they offer the greatest potential to deliver sustainable and scalable change. 

Your support in action:

As a member of Partners for Children, you’ll support life-saving programmes that are designed so that they can be easily replicated in disadvantaged communities throughout the world.

Together you’ll help millions of children survive, learn and be protected.



You could help ensure families have the money and support to provide their children with nutritious food – and help to stop children going hungry.


You could help develop children’s reading and writing skills through support for parents and teachers, and the provision of books.

Children's rights

You could help children and civil society organisations to analyse, document and report violations of children’s rights.
Happy homes

Happy homes

Around 80% of children worldwide experience physical and humiliating punishment at home. You could support mothers, fathers and caregivers to parent without violence.


Children are dying because they live too far from a doctor. You could help to train community health workers to treat common conditions that can kill.

How you can scale your impact - saving newborn lives

As a member of Partners for Children, you could help to scale up our Saving Newborn Lives programme. In rural communities, newborn deaths are so commonplace that babies may not even be named until they are six weeks old. 

Yet there is substantial evidence that the majority of these deaths could be easily prevented with low cost interventions, such as up skilling health workers to treat infections and resuscitate newborns after birth, and teaching new mothers about caring for their babies. 

By helping to scale up Saving Newborn Lives to reach more mothers and babies, you could be part of solutions that aims to save millions of lives.

Thanks to supporters, like you, Fauane is the proud mother of beautiful Neva – but millions of women around the world aren’t so lucky. 

Protecting mother and baby

Saving Newborn Lives ensures women and babies are supported from conception to pregnancy, and through childbirth and the most dangerous first 28 days of life

  • A well planned and healthy pregnancy
  • A safe birth with a skilled midwife present
  • Surviving the first few minutes of life 
  • Access support and advice at home

"The first day of a child's life is the most dangerous. We hear horror stories of mothers walking for hours during labour to find trained help, all too often ending in tragedy. It's criminal that many of these deaths could be averted simply if there was someone on hand to make sure the birth took place safely and who knew what to do in a crisis." 

– Helle Thorning-Schmid, CEO Save the Children.

What you can expect as a member of Partners for Children

Over the year ahead, you will receive impact updates and detailed feedback from the field on the work you’re funding. 

You will receive exclusive Partners for Children reports to show you how your investments are saving and improving children’s lives.

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood