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Play a key role in supporting vulnerable children

06 June 2023, Impact of Our Work

As a regular giver you can transform the lives of children in need

Becoming a regular giver to Save the Children Australia can have a significant impact on the lives of vulnerable children and communities. Here are some reasons why someone might consider becoming a regular donor to Save the Children Australia. 

Child-focused Programs:

Save the Children Australia is dedicated to improving the lives of children, particularly those facing poverty, inequality, and adversity. By becoming a regular giver, you can support programs that provide education, healthcare, protection, and emergency relief to children in need. Regular donations ensure ongoing support and sustainability for these critical initiatives.

Long-Term Impact:

Regular giving allows Save the Children Australia to plan and implement long-term projects and interventions. By providing consistent funding, you contribute to sustainable development and lasting change in the lives of children and communities. Regular donors play a crucial role in helping organisations like Save the Children Australia carry out their work effectively.

Emergency Response:

Save the Children Australia is often at the forefront of emergency response efforts during disasters, conflicts, and humanitarian crises. As a regular giver, you provide a reliable source of funding that enables the organisation to respond quickly and effectively, providing life-saving assistance and support to children and their families in times of crisis.

Collaboration and Expertise:

Save the Children Australia is part of the wider Save the Children movement, which operates in more than 120 countries. This global network allows for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the implementation of best practices. By supporting Save the Children Australia, you contribute to a broader effort to protect and improve the lives of children worldwide.

Transparency and Accountability:

Save the Children Australia is committed to transparency and accountability in their operations. They provide regular updates on their programs, financial reports, and impact assessments, ensuring that donors can see how their contributions are making a difference. Regular givers have the opportunity to witness the tangible impact of their support over time.

Community and Engagement:

By becoming a regular giver, you join a community of like-minded individuals who share a commitment to improving the lives of children. Save the Children Australia often provides opportunities for regular donors to engage with their work through events, newsletters, and updates. This sense of community and involvement can enhance the donor's experience and connection to the cause.

Tax Deductibility:

In Australia, donations to registered charities like Save the Children Australia are generally tax-deductible. This means that regular giving can provide both the satisfaction of making a positive impact and potential tax benefits.

Ultimately, becoming a regular giver to Save the Children Australia allows you to contribute to the organisation's mission of ensuring every child has the opportunity to survive, learn, and thrive. Through regular support, you play an integral role in breaking the cycle of poverty and transforming the lives of children in need.

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