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Putting a stop to child marriage

18 July 2018, Impact of Our Work

Together, we're helping to create a safe future for girls 

Each year, 12 million girls like Abida* are married before the age of 18. Thanks to our supporters, we're helping to prevent more girls being forced into marriage and provide support for girls affected by child marriage to rebuild their lives.

You're helping to change attitudes and give girls a better chance at building their own future to provide girls like Abida, a chance to receive an education, so she can realise her potential.  Thanks to your generosity, girls around the world are able to gain their freedom, their education and their safety - truly life-changing outcome. 

Abida's story

Abida attends a Save the Children literacy boost program in Niger, where young women are taught valuable life skills, and gain the literacy and numeracy skills they missed out on when forced to marry as a child.
By helping to put a stop to child marriage, you are protecting girls from a lifetime of suffering and hardship. Thank you for helping to create a future where girls are valued, safe and free.

*Name changed to protect identity


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